vinyl records · 09. January 2024
A new year of record fairs in Leeds
Into the new year and another fully booked Leeds Record Fair returns this Saturday - 13 January. The fair increased in size last year to 85 tables of vinyl records. Thousands of rare and collectable LPs and singles and lots of bargains. There are also some CDs. Some new stallholders have been added for the event this Saturday. Next month, we'll be gathering info about the sorts of records that individual stallholders will be selling at future fairs.
vinyl records · 02. March 2023
All Roads Lead There . . .
Leeds Record Fair is usually easy to get to by road and rail. If you don't live in Leeds, it's well worth the journey if you're into vinyl records. On every second Saturday of each month, the fair arrives at Kirkgate indoor market with 80 tables of vinyl records in 2 halls. Always a huge selection of most genres from top record sellers from all over the UK. Regular stallholders and new ones. Thousands of collectable LPs & rare 45s. Loads of bargains. Also some books & CDs.
vinyl records · 03. January 2023
Happy New Year
Happy New Year from Leeds Record Fair. There'll be 12 Leeds Record Fairs this year, every second Saturday of the month. Takes place at Kirkgate indoor market in 2 halls - 40 tables in each. The fair is now in its sixth year and is one of the biggest and best record fairs in the UK. Don't take my word for it though. If you are into vinyl records, you're sure to find something of interest at the fair. Collectable LPs & 45s of most genres & lots of bargains. Also some CDs and books.
records and books · 04. April 2018
Most UK number one 45s from April 14th are lost in the mist of once popular music. Who could forget . . .? or . . .?Anyone recall . . .? I remember 1952 well though - “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole. Before ploughing the years to see what turns up, here’s a quick forward-winder that one group was number one on April 14th for two years running in 1981/82. The same phenomenon happened in 1989/90 and 1994/1995 Who were they? I hear myself ask. Unfortunately, the law of chronology means that...
records and books · 27. February 2018
Not much happened so far on March 10th in music and books, or I don’t dig deep enough. You might be interested to know that Dudley Buck was born on 10th March 1839? A composer who wrote many books, “he is best known today for his organ composition, Concert Variations on the Star-Spangled Banner, Op. 23, which was later arranged into an orchestral version. . .” I’ve probably lost all the readers now. . . . Let’s go back further me and I to 1818, when Emily Brontë was born in Thornton...
records and books · 09. February 2018
This Saturday will be the seventh Leeds Record & Book Fair. It’s fully booked with 25 stallholders – 50 tables of vinyl and 10 tables of books and ephemera. Also some CDs and 78s. As well as 0000s of collectable records & books to suit all tastes there will be some live music from students at Leeds College of Music. The stallholders include: Tapestry of Delights – mixed bag of genres, new & 2nd hand Bill Aitken – new and second...
records and books · 04. January 2018
Leeds Record & Book Fair on Saturday, 13th January 2018. Some history and some stallholders.