Leeds R&B Fair 10th March

Not much happened so far on March 10th in music and books, or I don’t dig deep enough.                                                             You might be interested to know that Dudley Buck was born on 10th March 1839?

A composer who wrote many books, “he is best known today for his organ composition,

Concert Variations on the Star-Spangled Banner, Op. 23, which was later arranged

into an orchestral version. . .” I’ve probably lost all the readers now. . . .
Let’s go back further me and I to 1818, when Emily Brontë was born in Thornton
on the other side of Bradford, just down the road from Leeds Record & Book
Fair. Quite a solitary person, she wrote one novel that people still read.
Wuthering Heights was published in 1847, with EB using the pseudonym Ellis Bell
so that the literary world would think she was a man, to avoid any prejudice
against the writer being a woman. Fast forward 131 years and Kate Bush appears
on March 10th 1978 with her version of Wuthering Heights at number one in the UK.                                                              Walk Right Back to a few of the better March 10th number
ones (there’s some real rubbish) and the Everly Brothers are top in 1961. It’s
Not Unusual to find Tom Jones in 1965 (and some cheesy writing in 2018), the
year before Nancy Sinatra won the World Cup with These Boots are Made for
Walking and four years later Lee Marvin was under a Wand’rin’ Star in 1970. Slade
were banging on in 1973 with cum on feel the noise and eight years later Roxy
Music were number one with John Lennon’s Jealous Guy. Diana Ross had a Chain
Reaction in 1986 and that’s it. Luckily, at the fair on March 10th,
there’ll be a lot more choices from thousands of days in the history of music
and books. 20+ stallholders will be there, including:

Tapestry of Delights mixed bag of genres, new & 2nd hand https://www.tapestryofdelightsrecords.co.uk


Bill Aitken – new and second hand, 60s to present day, mainly rock, pop, folk, and a bit of


Dragnet Records & Books – pulp fiction, magazines (film, music, underground), and

records  https://dragnetrecords.co.uk/

Eclecta Books – wide selection of books & ephemera


Confingo - http://www.confingopublishing.uk/about

Magazine featuring stories, poetry and art


Noise for Heroes


Phil Wade - rare original pressings of prog / psych / Beatles / R Stones / P Floyd

/ Led Zepp / Hendrix / Black Sabbath /  beat / indie / new wave / 90's / 2000 . . .